The MES-1-R managed ruggedized ethernet switch is a carrier class switch which features fast secure connectivity for critical applications which require PTP IEEE1588 timing accuracies to synchronise Network – Audio/Video – timing.

The MES-1-R is based on the MES-1 switch with the difference that the MES-1-R has ruggedized Neutrik connectors for use in the most demanding of broadcast applications.

Audio/Video over IP networks are typically run on either Layer-2 or Layer-3, each having particular pros and cons. Both of which are fully supported by the Axius range of switches.

A protocol such as AVB is a Layer-2 protocol making it ideally suited for extremely low latency and tight synchronisation, but restricting it to a Local Area Network such as that found within a Broadcast Facility or OB truck.

A protocol such as Stagebox is a Layer-3 protocol making it ideally suited for use in Wider Area Networks, when for example, contributing from a Venue to a Broadcast Facility.

Crucial for Audio over IP professional applications are:
– Latency: the time it takes to send the audio across the network
– Synchronisation: the time difference between audio distributed to multiple locations.


Product Highlights

• Highly accurate IEEE1588 implementation (Layer 2)
• Support for Synchronous Ethernet (Layer 1)
• GPS Clock Sync (Optional)
• AVB compliant (802.1AS, 802.1Qat, 802.1Qav
• Rapid Spanning Tree (RSTP)
• OAM and protection switching
• IPv4/IPv6 multicast
• QoS IEEE802.1p
• Link aggregation IEEE802.3ad
• Jumbo Frames
• EPS & ERPS Protection Switching
• Unicast and Multicast IP addressing

Support Timing Protocols

• Clock (Master)
• Clock (Slave)
• End to End Transparent Clock
• Peer to Peer Transparent Clock
• Boundary Clock


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