Built for concise monitoring of facility-wide multichannel audio, the SAM1-3GM is equally at home in Network Operations, Master Control, Outside Broadcast, Studio SAM1-3GM Production or in Post environment.

Providing broadcasters and content producers with an agile and intuitive operating system, the SAM1-3GM is designed for use in the dynamic world of live television production. With the increasing diversity of broadcast audio signals demanding seamless and unobtrusive solutions operators need tools to hand that can react in an instant and adapt to whatever challenge is thrown their way. A revolution in usability within a 1U format, the SAM1-3GM, provides instant visual feedback from 16 channels of embedded SDI with the added benefit of two auxillary analogue or AES input channels, which can be mixed into the monitoring chain, for example, to listen to the intercom whilst working with headphones.

Furthermore, the SAM1-3GM enables the user to define individual channels as stereo, mono or 5.1 with instantaneous downmixing of surround sources for stereo compatibility monitoring. Channels can be mixed together at the push of a button with individual level trims and channel balance / pan control and the resultant ‘mix’ output available as a line level analogue or AES feed which can be used for cues and extended applications.

Each of the 10 stereo bargraph pairs can be named individually with up to a 10 character mnemonic, whilst international bargraph scales and reference levels can be altered within setup ensuring that the SAM1-3GM is truly suitable for worldwide application.


  • 20 channel user configurable bargraph display of selected HD-SDI, AES and analog channels
  • Monitor and mix HD/SDI programme content with analog or AES sources  (such as Intercom/IFB/Telco etc.)
  • Scroll to Hear channel selection
  • Individual channel ‘trim’, ‘balance / pan’ levels
  • Master output volume with cut / dim
  • ‘Solo’ button mutes all but the selected channel
  • Colour coded Channel Format defines selected pair as being Stereo, Mono for 5.1 downmix instantly
  • Menu level to select scales, reference, ballistics and hands-on channel naming Menu level used for IP setups
  • Menu level used to manage onboard preset memories and USB save/recall
  • Menu level used to manage software updates
  • TSL dashboard control system compatible (future capability)
  • Menu selection of auxiliary channels 1 and 2 from analogue and AES inputs
  • A Dolby encoded source is muted when selected

Instantaneous, Intuitive and Inexpensive

The SAM1-3GM is a highly cost-effective audio monitoring unit which gives a degree of agility to operators which has previously been reserved for much more expensive devices.

In Live Production:

Installed as a monitor destination, attached to an SDI router, the SAM1-3GM gives the user an instantaneous overview of all 16 channels of embedded audio and can be quickly configured to monitor the individual programmes within the stream , whether they are stereo, mono or 5.1 discrete audio.

An operator can confidence check stereo and surround mixes of programme and effects simply and rapidly with the bonus of being able to hear auxillary audio channels such as talkback. The simplicity of the SAM1-3GM lies in its ability to store standard configurations and recall them quickly via ethernet connection or from local memory.


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