PAM2 MK2 Dolby

PAM2 MK2 Dolby

PAM2 MK2 Dolby


  • SMTPE2020 metadata monitoring
  • SDI Connection for attaching external screen
  • De-embedded audio monitoring from video (HD/SDI) with simultaneous display of up to sixteen channels (four groups)
  • Dual auto-sensing,1080p (60, 59.94 and 50Hz), HD/SDI video inputs with reclocked and downconverted outputs
  • Multi-standard Loudness level indication with histogram
  • Optional Dolby E/AC-3/DD+ decoding from HD/SDI or AES
  • Unique “Scroll to hear” function
  • Dual high resolution OLED screens for bargraphs, video, setup, data and metadata displays
  • Choice of user selectable bargraph scales (VU, Extended VU, BBC PPM, EBU PPM, EBU Digital, Nordic, DIN)
  • Conditional switching modes for SD/HD/Dolby/PCM auto configuration recall
  • Assign matrix for non-standard order multichannel audio routing
  • Audio montiroing delay for video monitoring synchronisation.
  • Control of external stereo or surround sound loudspeaker systems
  • Ethernet for networking & software upgrades.
  • Dual 12V DC inputs

Audio Inputs:

  • 16 channels from embedded HD/SDI
  • 8 x pairs of AES/EBU inputs – balanced or unbalanced
  • TOSLINK optical input
  • 6 x balanced stereo analogue inputs

Audio Outputs:

  • 8 x balanced fixed or variable analogue outputs
  • Stereo variable analogue outputs
  • 8 x pairs of AES/EBU fixed or variable outputs – balanced or unbalanced

PAM2 MK2 Dolby

  • Rack Mount: 2RU
  • Weight 5.1Kg
  • Height 88mm
  • Width 483mm
  • Depth 320mm
  • Power Consumption 35W

PAM2 MK2 Dolby

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