The PAM1 MK2 is designed for a broad range of oprational users throughout the TV environment, from Ingest to Transmission, Post Production to Studios It’s ideal  confidence monitoring in a multichannel HD-SDI environment where comprehensive visual and audio feedback is required in a compact format, including Dolby encoded, multi-language, 5.1 audio and loudness measurement.


• SMTPE2020 metadata monitoring

• Dual auto-sensing, 1080p (60, 59, 94 and 50Hz), HD/SDI video inputs
• De-embedded audio monitoring from video (HD/SDI) with intuitive selection from up to sixteen channels (four groups)
• 4 AES (4 Pairs/8 Channel) Inputs– 110Ohm Balanced or 75Ohm unbalanced via optional CAB-D25-BNC cable
• 2 Analogue Stereo Inputs
• Ethernet for Network connectivity
• USB connector for system updates and preset save/recall
• SD card slot for system updates and preset save/recall
• ‘Scroll To Hear’ – top level bargraph navigation using rotary encoder
• Downmix of discreet multichannel audio to stereo for compatibility monitoring
• Multichannel audio outputs for external stereo or 5.1 loudspeaker system integration
• ITU BS1770/71 loudness measurement and Histogram
• User Programmable ‘Assign Matrix’
• Audio Output Delay
• Automatic mode switching – depending on signal type
• Dolby E, Dolby Digital and Dolby Digital Plus decoding from HD.SDI and AES signal sources
• Lt Rt and Lo Ro Downmixing of Dolby Signals
• Hi Resolution Video confidence monitoring
• Re-clocked HD/SDI with down converted SDI or composite (PAL.NTSC) video outputs selected via rear panel Config. Switch.
• Dual high resolution 2.4″ screens for 16 bargraphs, setup and metadata display.
• Choice of user selectable bargraph scales (BBC PPM, EBU PPM, EBU Digital, Nordic,VU and DIN)
• User programmable presets. 5 by hardware buttons, GPI and 24 internal, accessible by high level menu selection
• Factory preset recall – 5 presets selecting SDI1, SDI2, AES, Analogue and Optical Inputs
• Fixed or variable analogue multichannel outputs (8 mono)
• Fixed or variable AES multichannel outputs (4 pairs/8 Channels)
• Variable stereo analogue outputs
• High quality internal full range loudspeaker system
• Variable LED brightness control
• Dual 12V DC inputs
• Serial remote control
• Headphone output with LS muting
• Compact, lightweight (weight tbc) 1RU case, 250mm deep



  • Rack Mount 1RU
  • Weight 5.1Kg
  • Height 44mm
  • Width 483mm
  • Depth 280mm
  • Power Consumption 35W
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  • PAM1 MK2 Training presentation

    PAM1 MK2 Training presentation