NEW PAM PiCo Touch Media

NEW PAM PiCo Touch Media

All you need for fully integrated Audio and Video Monitoring. All the loudness and logging capabilities of the PAM PiCo touchFeaturing the new Waveform monitoring option and 3 operational mode display, allowing you the flexibility to view Audio, Video or a combined view on your easy to use  7″ touchscreen.

The PAM PiCo Touch Media is the latest evolution in TSL’s PiCo platform.Integrated monitoring of audio and video is a key part of TSL’s strategy for the future.

All versions of the PAM PiCo are equipped with loudness measurement tools compatible with EBU, ITU and ATSC recommendations, AES and analogue audio inputs, moving coil meter emulation and the option for either a desk or rack-mount configuration.   Simple to use and easy to configure, PAM PiCo Touch Media, now with new high precision video waveform puts high-quality metering within reach of anyone involved in sound production, from operators working in broadcast production to music studio technicians and record producers.

The PiCo Touch Media has three operational models that are distinctly different; the Audio Mode, the Video mode and the Combined mode. Each of the three modes has their own unique displays, tools and user interfaces structure. The Audio mode allows for instant switching to the Video mode at the push of a button and vice versa, while the Combined mode is a fixed mode. With the Audio/Video switching ability, the PiCo Touch Media allows for detailed use and monitoring of both modes at the flick of a button. The integrated HDMI output allows for additional large screen displays to view audio, video or the combined screens independent of the PiCo Touch Media’s screen view.

NEW PAM PiCo Touch Media

Video Features:

• User definable Gamut error settings

• Vectorscope • G, R, B, Y, Cb, Cr, RGB & Luminance display

• A/B Overlay & A/B Parade display

• Picture preview


Audio Features:

• Bargraphs or Moving Coil – your choice of metering tool

• JellyFish™ & StarFish™ Inter-channel relationships – Phase Security

• Loudness and True Peak Logging – Document, Report & Analyse

• Clear Loudness metering & readout – Instantaneous Loudness conformity

• Real time True Peak – Optimized level with no hidden ‘overs’

• Compliant with major loudness standards – Always hit your target

• FFT Analysis – See and secure your audio from any angle



Hardware Features:

• SDI 3G I/O, AES/EBU (8ch. I/O), Analogue (2 ch. In)

• Flexible and User definable setup – Personalized to fit your workflow • SMPTE Reader – Readout and Log against Timecode

• HDMI screen and Audio output (1024×600)

• Headphone Output

• USB and Ethernet Control – Logging and System Management

• Multi Touch screen User interface

• USB Mouse control

NEW PAM PiCo Touch Media

  • Rack Mount Desktop
  • Weight 335g
  • Height 132mm
  • Width 186mm
  • Depth 24mm
  • Power Consumption 10W
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